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EDITOR OF TCW 13.01.2021 11:33

(Reuters) "U.S. to require negative COVID-19 tests for arriving international air passengers."

EDITOR OF TCW 31.12.2020 16:49

Newsmax (who say they are not a MSM outlet) Headline: "US Hits Highest Ever Daily Death Toll as Virus Cases Surge". Link:

EDITOR OF TCW 10.07.2020 15:56

(EXCLUSIVE from Fox News) "Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers'."

EDITOR OF TCW 28.06.2020 12:17

(AP) "Confirmed coronavirus cases pass 10 million worldwide."

EDITOR OF TCW 16.06.2020 09:39

(Reuters) "Global Coronavirus Cases Reach Over 8 Million...".
Global deaths stand at over 434,000 and have doubled in seven weeks.

EDITOR OF TCW 15.05.2020 22:20

To avoid Coronavirus... "The general principle should be: Outside is better than inside; open is better than closed; fewer is better than more people; and stay away from sick people." -Dr. Erich Anderer (Neurosurgeon)

EDITOR OF TCW 07.05.2020 20:02

(NY Times): "Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreaks".
The coronavirus outbreak in New York City became the primary source of infections around the United States, researchers have found.

EDITOR OF TCW 21.04.2020 14:41

(AP): "Austria Plans to Open All Shops and Restaurants by mid-May."

EDITOR OF TCW 17.04.2020 12:12

(Forbes): "China Just Admitted Coronavirus Death Toll In Wuhan Was 50% Higher Than Reported" (Note: who can trust anything Bolshevik China says & let's not forget their Commie neighbor N. Korea still says they've not had 1 case of Covid-19. -ED of TCW)

EDITOR OF TCW 15.04.2020 15:08

(Fox News): "The global tally for confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed 2 million on Wednesday, just four months after it was first detected in China."

EDITOR OF TCW 12.04.2020 21:29

Additional content was added to this post. -ED of TCW

EDITOR OF TCW 05.04.2020 22:27

(AP): "Tiger at NYC's Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for Coronavirus" - in what is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the U.S. or a tiger anywhere, federal officials and the zoo said Sunday.

EDITOR OF TCW 05.04.2020 19:29

(WGNO News): "Two workers at a Chicago-area Walmart store have died from the novel coronavirus, the company confirmed Sunday."

EDITOR OF TCW 01.04.2020 14:10

Reuters: "Austria to Make Basic Face Masks Compulsory in Supermarkets." Austria will require shoppers to wear basic face masks in supermarkets in a bid to slow the still too-rapid spread of the coronavirus, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Monday.

Paula 27.03.2020 15:33

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EDITOR OF TCW 27.03.2020 14:02

Breaking News: Spanish government said it was recalling 9,000 C-Virus test kits (it bought from Red China weeks ago) after finding the results to be “unreliable.”

EDITOR OF TCW 27.03.2020 12:04

Breaking News: "PM of UK Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus."

Editor of TCW 25.03.2020 17:57

New Orleans Pagan Mardi Gras Festival has made the area/state [Louisiana] the most active epicenter, currently in the world, for spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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