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June is the Month the Church Dedicates to the Sacred Heart and the Most Blessed Sacrament

Jun. 1, 2021


The TCW Staff 22.06.2021 03:13

June 21: St. Aloysius Gonzaga Confessor, Double. Note: St. Aloysius was appointed, conjointly with St. John Berchmans, to be the patron & pattern of youth, by Pius IX. You can learn more about him at:

The TCW Staff 14.06.2021 02:33

June 13, 2021: ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA, CONFESSOR. See more about this glorious Saint at:

THE TCW STAFF 11.06.2021 17:03

June 11, 2021: SACRED HEART OF JESUS - Rank: Double of the I Class. View: The Twelve Promises of The Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, at: - Also it's the Feast of St. Barnabas, see:

THE TCW STAFF 11.06.2021 03:02

June 10, 2021: ST. MARGARET, QUEEN OF SCOTLAND - Rank: Simple. Read more about this holy Catholic monarch at:

THE TCW STAFF 10.06.2021 01:53

June 9, 2021: COMMEMORATION OF SS. PRIMUS AND FELICIAN, MARTYRS - Learn more about these holy martyrs for the Faith at:

THE TCW STAFF 05.06.2021 15:00

June 5: FIRST SATURDAY/St. Boniface Bishop and Martyr, Double. Learn more about this Saint, known as "The Apostle of Germany", at:

THE TCW STAFF 05.06.2021 00:55

June 4, 2021: FIRST FRIDAY/St. Francis Caracciolo Confessor, Double. Read more information on the founder of the Minor Clerks Regular at:

THE TCW STAFF 03.06.2021 16:09

June 3, 2021: CORPUS CHRISTI - Read more about this Solemn Feast at: (Note: Corpus Christi is a holyday of obligation. In the US, however, the faithful are exempt from the obligation by a special dispensation of the Holy See.) 

THE TCW STAFF 02.06.2021 15:31

June 2, 2021: COMMEMORATION OF SS. MARCELLINUS, PETER, AND ERASMUS, BISHOP, MARTYRS - Learn more about these holy Saints at:

The TCW Staff 01.06.2021 14:39

June 1, 2021: ST. ANGELA MERICI, VIRGIN Rank: Double. Read more about this great Saint at:

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