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December is the Month the Church Dedicates to the Immaculate Conception

Dec. 1, 2021


THE TCW STAFF 01.01.2022 01:27

Dec, 31, 2021: Pope St. Sylvester I. Learn more about this holy pope at:

THE TCW STAFF 29.12.2021 17:44

Dec 29, 2021: Feast of Thomas Becket (of Canterbury). Read more abut this great English martyr/saint at:

The TCW Staff 26.12.2021 16:09

Feast Day of the Church's 1st Martyr: "Stephen, then, deserves to stand near the Crib of his King, as leader of those brave champions, the Martyrs, who died for the Divinity of that Babe, whom we adore." Read more at:

The TCW Staff 25.12.2021 23:12

Learn about the History of Christmas at:

THE TCW STAFF 11.12.2021 23:52

Dec. 11, 2021: Commemoration of St. Damasus I Pope and Confessor. Read about this great saint at:

THE TCW STAFF 11.12.2021 05:00

Dec 10, 2021: Commemoration of the Translation of the Holy House of Loretto [Regional Calendars of Spain, Belgium etc.]. Read more about this stupendous miracle at:

THE TCW STAFF 08.12.2021 21:27

Dec 8 2021: The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Double of the I Class. See, "Feast of the Immaculate Conception Through the Centuries" at:

THE TCW STAFF 08.12.2021 21:50

Also see, "The Necessity for the Ark of the Covenant to be Free from Any Stain" at:

THE TCW STAFF 06.12.2021 17:56

Dec 6, 2021: St. Nicholas (of Myra) Bishop & Confessor - read more about this heroic Catholic saint at:

THE TCW STAFF 03.12.2021 15:02

Dec. 3, 2021: St. Frances Xavier, Confessor. Learn more about the "Apostle of India" at:

The TCW Staff 02.12.2021 17:28

Dec 2, 2021: Commemoration of St. Bibiana Virgin and Martyr. Learn the story of this holy Catholic martyr at:

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