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All but one [uno] NHL player is "vaccinated" in the ENTIRE league; as the MSM parrots the talking point, "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated". The NHL has now postponed a total of 80 games so far this season, due to Covid-19. And has not specified when the games would be made up, saying they "will be rescheduled for dates later in the season when such restrictions may be eased or lifted".


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(Hockey is a great sport to play & watch. The links above,

were ordered according to who I think are the greatest NHL

players of All-Time. Gordie Howe did not have the overall

skills of these three, but possessed certain singular ones.

Going forward, keep an eye on Connor McDavid. -The Editor)



A Dad Teaching his Son the Game of Hockey


St. Thomas Aquinas on whether there can be a virtue about games?


 St. Thomas Aquinas


(Q.) Must one attribute to the virtue of modesty whatever has reference to games and

recreation which are part of the economy of human life?


(A.) Yes; and this virtue then goes by another name, which is that of eutrapelia;
and this virtue effects that a person plays, amuses, or recreates himself as it
behoves, avoiding both excess and defect (CLXVIII. 2-4).


Source: "Catechism of the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas For

the Use of the Faithful", pp. 202-203, By R.P. Thomas Pegues, O.P., Imp. 1922


Wordle (WERE- DELL): The New Wildly Popular Online Guessing Game


What is Wordle?


Wordle is a daily word game you can find online here. It's fun, simple and can be played only once a day. Give it a go -- it's something that's best learned by doing.

Dec. 28, 2021


Egbert S 29.12.2021 22:37

What sports does the Church approve and condemn? In Confessions Book VI Augustine condemns gladiator shows, several councils condemn jousting...

The TCW Staff 01.01.2022 19:24

Yes Caleb, correct, it would.

Caleb 01.01.2022 19:19

I would assume the same thing applies to video games as well?

The TCW Staff 01.01.2022 01:46

Hi. With the addition of numerous new games/sports, especially in the last century, there is likely not currently a definitive list of approved and disapproved ones. General principles of modesty & common-sense should be applied.

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