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(11/8/2022 VIDEO from Maricopa Co., Arizona - with poll workers announcing voting machines are not working.) Extract from Media Research Center: "Is it possible that first thing on Election Day in Arizona, possibly the most watched county in the state because of possible shenanigans in the 2020 election is having voting issues again? It’s true. Video is emerging, initially from Maricopa County and now spreading all over the state, that shows ballot counting machines are NOT working. The solution from the poll workers is to neglect the first box — which doesn’t seem to be working at all — and the second box — which is only working with a 75 percent success rate — in favor of a third box that will be transported to another location and eventually get counted later in the day." (AND this from "The Wall Street Journal": "Vote tabulation machines in about 20% of 223 voting centers in Arizona’s Maricopa County are malfunctioning and not accepting some completed ballots as designed, county officials said Tuesday.")

Nov. 8, 2022


The TCW Staff 11.11.2022 20:27

11/11/2022: "In Arizona, law enforcement officials remained on high alert for potential protests, with barricades and security fencing erected around the Maricopa County elections department." (Reuters)

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