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THE TCW STAFF 18.04.2021 14:17

Maxine Waters goes to MN, calls for anti-police crowd to ‘get more confrontational’ (FOX)

THE TCW STAFF 11.03.2021 18:11

Minneapolis has 6 block 'autonomous zone' with signs of "No Whites Allowed" hung up in "the zone". National Police Association says city preparing for 'inevitable rioting'.

EDITOR OF TCW 15.02.2021 02:22

(Fox News) Minneapolis push to defund police backfires after residents complain of slow response times, increase in crime. The City Council on Friday voted unanimously to approve $6.4 million in additional funding for the police department.

EDITOR OF TCW 02.12.2020 14:05

In Minneapolis - 'Staggering' surge in violent carjackings continues. Such attacks were up 537% compared with last Nov. Over the past two months, Mpls police have logged more than 125 carjackings in the city. (The Star Tribune 12/02/2020)

EDITOR OF TCW 01.11.2020 14:30

"Police declare riot in NE Portland after people smash business windows",(10/31/2020). "Protestors" in Portland want city leaders to cut at least $50 million from the budget of Portland police.

EDITOR OF TCW 11.09.2020 00:35

(ABC News) The mayor of Portland has ordered police in Oregon's largest city to stop using tear gas for crowd control during often violent protests that have racked the city for months.

EDITOR OF TCW 01.09.2020 03:58

"Law enforcement agencies refuse to send deputies into Portland." The groups cited a lack of resources, as well as a “lack of accountability for those arrested committing criminal acts” as their reasoning. (KPTV in Oregon)

EDITOR OF TCW 27.08.2020 04:48

Breaking News: "Minneapolis stores looted as mayhem erupts following gunman's suicide". The suspected gunman was being sought for a slaying that occurred hours earlier, police said.

EDITOR OF TCW 26.08.2020 18:26

(Fox News) "Trump says he will send federal law enforcement, National Guard to Kenosha, WI."

EDITOR OF TCW 26.08.2020 07:06

Breaking News: People shot in Kenosha during Marxist BLM arson mob gathering.

EDITOR OF TCW 26.08.2020 08:06

"White House says (Ultra Liberal Democrat) Gov. Tony Evers (of WI) turned down federal help to quell Kenosha disturbances [riots]." (Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug. 25, 2020)

EDITOR OF TCW 16.08.2020 15:52

(Fox News) "Over 60 Portland 911 calls go unheeded overnight as police respond to riot." The Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday - the 80th consecutive night of "protests".

EDITOR OF TCW 13.08.2020 18:21

Minneapolis has had a 114% increase in homicides since the beginning of the year until Aug. 12, according to the Minneapolis Police Department - data.

EDITOR OF TCW 05.08.2020 16:39

Portland police said "demonstrators" caused damage inside the Portland Police Association building and set a fire. Police declared a riot.

EDITOR OF TCW 30.07.2020 21:49

There have been 15 homicides in Portland since July 1st, which is the most in one month in over 30 years, according to Portland Police.

MARY 30.07.2020 21:48

Are they burning evidence in these courthouse fires?

EDITOR OF TCW 29.07.2020 01:39

The city of Portland, Ore. is fining the federal government $500 for every 15 minutes it maintains "unpermitted" fencing outside of the federal courthouse that has faced nightly attacks amid ongoing "protests" [rioting]. (Cont.)

EDITOR OF TCW 29.07.2020 01:40

... The Portland City Commissioner said, as of Monday the federal government owed Portland $192,000.

EDITOR OF TCW 27.07.2020 18:35

(Reuters) - The Trump administration is sending at least 100 additional federal officers to Portland, Oregon, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

EDITOR OF TCW 27.07.2020 02:19

“This [the "protesting" in Portland] is just mindless violence and anyone who defends the violence is enabling this to continue.” -Billy Williams, U.S. Attorney for Oregon

EDITOR OF TCW 27.07.2020 02:21

In court papers, federal prosecutors have suggested the Mark O.Hatfield Federal Courthouse (in Portland) has sustained more than $50,000 in damage from graffiti, fires and vandalism.

EDITOR OF TCW 26.07.2020 01:35

Seattle police declare riot after crowds injure officers, cause 'explosive' damage to Capitol Hill precinct. (07/25/2020)

EDITOR OF TCW 24.07.2020 20:53

3 federal agents who were sent to Portland, Ore., to try to help quell the city’s violent protests were “likely left permanently blinded” from clashes [hand held lasers were pointed directly at their eyes by rioters], White House officials said on Friday.

EDITOR OF TCW 20.07.2020 03:30

Twelve officers were injured, businesses and police precincts were damaged and two arrests were made during a riot in Seattle, WA on Sunday. (07/19/2020)

EDITOR OF TCW 19.07.2020 09:44

"People have broken into the Portland Police Association office and lit the building on fire." (Public Statement Portland Police Dept. July 19, 2020 - 1:51 AM PDT)

EDITOR OF TCW 14.07.2020 21:41

(Fox News) "Portland's unrest continues for six straight weeks with no apparent end in sight". Portland police, early this morning, publicly declared a riot was underway - near one of their main police buildings.

Mary 05.07.2020 03:06

This is why Pope Eugenius IV stated that.. ”Jews shall not exercise public offices in the State.”

Editor of TCW 05.07.2020 03:33

Yes. You are referring to Pope Eugenius' decree [Bull. Rom. Pont., V, 67] in 1442, which was reiterated in 1555 by Pope Paul IV. You likely noticed the quotation marks on the word "Mayor", in the post, in reference to the Marxist deicide.

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