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(April 11th, 2013 - Feast of St. Leo the Great, Pope)


Hans' email of (11.04.2013 04.24) to TCW:


"Hi, I've started with writing to known old priests with the story of Gregory XVII. In this way, I hope to find one, who is willing to believe, and help."

Reply from the Editor:


Dear Hans, Hello and thank you for contacting TCW. With this format (our new blog), In Today's Catholic World is able to post relevant information more efficiently. Please be sure to promote us via social networking.


In regards to your excellent comment about contacting older priests (those truly ordained i.e., before the criminal Novus Ordo purposely changed the sacrament of Holy Orders to make it invalid), that is a great course of action! One idea for true Catholics (who reject the "never ending" schismatic sedevacantist lie) is to obtain a roster of the older "religious" from the usurped diocese they may be near.  And find the names of the validly ordained priests in their guide. Many times the "caring" N.O. shoves them in ill-maintained "retirement homes".

In fact, we were contacted awhile back from a reader outside the US, who had meticulously documented very severe abuses that older priests (who in good faith were trying to hang on to the traditions they were formed in), received from the N.O. "caretakers" who ran one of these "homes".


This person (researcher) claimed certain older priest were singled out - and cited multiple stories of: starvation techniques used against these priests, mind control tactics "conditioning", and there was lots of evidence of broken bones (and even a skull fracture!) administered to them. As this concerned individual investigated the horrific situation more, they were then forbade from coming onto the property and received threats ... so be wise when you contact these poor souls who, must get on board the barque of Peter again ... and who then could help so many true Catholics receive valid life-giving sacraments (those with jurisdiction from the Holy See, in exile).


There truly is so much the faithful can do ... God will reward you! May Our Lady Protect you and hopefully others, in this holy endeavor!

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

The Papal Restoration Staff

Apr. 11, 2013

Hans W 14.04.2014 21:41

Dear fellow catholics. I urge everyone to help me search for old Priests and to bring them the good news. It´s vital. Blessings this Good Week

JB 26.04.2013 14:44

I find the whole SSPX thing disturbing especially the Sion connection which seems to be deliberately blurred. In Ireland they are a bunch of bandits run amock.

mary 16.04.2013 22:11

How and where can we receive valid life-giving sacraments from those priests with jurisdiction from the Holy See, in exile?

Papal Restoration Staff Member 23.04.2013 01:26

Hi. This is VERY difficult currently, yet, it can change as (Note: we are not saying you have not done your share) people support these priests, as they must.

Orson 15.04.2013 09:26

Is the sacrament of Baptism changed by the Novus Ordo Sect? I'm under the impression that all Sacraments, EXCEPT BAPTISM has been changed! What are the changes?

Hans 13.04.2013 10:03

Is my Baptism valid, when done under anti-Pope John XXIII. With the correct formula though.

Mary 16.04.2013 22:19

After reading this I am now afraid my children were neither properly baptized nor properly enrolled in the Brown Scapular. How can this be corrected?

Papal Restoration Staff Member 13.04.2013 16:35

Yes, yours is valid, although done in a sect. The usurpers CHANGED the sacrament for the baptism of infants on June 1, 1970 & for adults on Jan. 6, 1972 (cont.)

(Part 2 of Reply) 13.04.2013 16:27

The Hierarchy wants all to be conditionally baptized who went through the novus ordo sect's "new sacrament" that was INVENTED on the dates just listed. (cont.)

(Part 3 of Reply) 13.04.2013 16:22

NOTE: The formula for CONDITIONAL baptism is different than regular baptism. This link gives all the DETAILS: