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Historic footage of February 15, 1944 AngloAmerican savage attack on the hallowed Monte Cassino Monastery. The freemason Eisenhower and his "brother" Churchill (an English Druid mason) deemed it necessary ? to bring the ancient (functioning) monastery founded c. 529 A.D. by St. Benedict - which all knew at the time was full of sacred Catholic art - to absolute rubble, by pummeling it with 250 Allied bombers. The planes attacked the monastery in waves, dropping about 600 tons of high explosive. Between the waves of bombers, allied artillery fired on the "target", adding, to the destruction. Pope Pius XII was silent after the bombing (Monte Cassino was a mere 60 miles from Rome. -ED); however, his secretary of state, Cardinal Maglione, bluntly stated to the senior U.S. diplomat to the Vatican, Harold Tittmann, that the bombing was "a colossal blunder . . . a piece of a gross stupidity." (The Holy See knew what the true intent of this brutal sacrilegious crime was by the Judeo-Masonic Superpowers -ED) What is certain from every investigation that followed since the event, is the fact that the only people killed in the monastery by the bombing were Italian civilians seeking refuge in the abbey. There is no evidence that the bombs dropped on the Monte Cassino monastery that day killed German troops. However, given the imprecision of bombing in those days bombs did fall elsewhere and killed German and Allied troops alike. The U.S. government's official position on the bombing of Monte Cassino underwent remarkable changes over a quarter century. The certainty of "irrefutable evidence" of German use of the abbey was removed from the record in 1961 by the Office of the Chief of Military History. A congressional inquiry to the same office in the 20th anniversary year of the bombing produced the statement: "It appears that no German troops, except a small military police detachment, were actually inside the abbey" before the bombing. The final correction to the U.S. Army's official record was made in 1969 and concluded that "the abbey was actually unoccupied by German troops." (See our 07/20 post w/ Before & After the Attack photos of inside of Abbey. -ED)

Jul. 19, 2013

Mia 21.11.2014 13:34

Thank you for posting this visible and factual detail. This is horrendous, but the more they try to eradicate us the more we thrive. True faith is eternal GB U

Papal Restoration Staff Member 21.07.2013 17:41

Hi. Yes the Head Abbot confirmed this. Also the Germans were anxious to keep from alienating the good will of the Vatican & of Catholics throughout the world.

hans 21.07.2013 15:41

German paratroopers behaved very respectful towards the Monastery, unlike the Americans. Known history is written by the victor.