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"O Glorious St Anthony, sure refuge of the afflicted and distressed, I a poor sinner, come to thee with hope, love and confidence. I pour forth my prayer to thee, I implore thy aid, thy protection and thy blessing. O dearly beloved Saint, I implore Thee grant the favour I now so earnestly ask; (name it) provided that it be in accordance with the will of God and the welfare of my soul. Should such, however, not be the case, obtain for me such other grace as may be conducive to my salvation. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen."

"Devotions to the Wonder-Worker, St. Anthony of Padua", p. 66, by Fr. R. Pennafort O.F.M., Imprimatur 1913 

Jun. 13, 2015

Papal Restoration Staff Member 14.06.2019 03:56

Wishing all True Catholics a Happy Feast Day of the Glorious St. Anthony of Padua!

Mary 08.10.2018 19:47

O Glorious St. Anthony, pray for us!

Maria 17.12.2017 00:53

St.Anthony of Padua,pray for me and my family.

Lucy 25.06.2017 10:23

Pray this prayer every day. Thanks.

Mary 13.06.2016 17:35

I love you St. Anthony.

Dorothy Jensen 19.03.2016 19:02

St. Anthony find a cure for my eyesight.