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Note: A member of the Hierarchy related to two current members of the Papal Restoration Campaign Staff, that Our Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVIII,  views so called, Thuc "consecrations" as at best doubtful. Which to keep it simple, in the mind of the Church means, they never occurred. Bp. Thuc with his wildcat attempted "consecrations" was acting on his own mandate (powered by the devil). This is without dispute, as at one point he begged forgiveness from Antipope Paul VI for attempting to consecrate a group (of Alumbrados [Illuminists]) in Palmar de Troya, Spain - bishops, without a papal mandate.


The Unholy Birthplace of the Novel/Sedevacantist Sect? 

Looking down the street today [rue Garibaldi], that Bp. Thuc's run down apartment #22 was located on in

Toulon, France. Much of Thuc's scandalous/sacrilegious acts were motivated by a desperate need of money.

Facts Casting Grave Doubt About the Validity of the Thuc "Consecrations":

  • He attended the false Vatican Council II and signed its decrees;
  • He publicly chastised the whole Council for not being ecumenical enough;
  • He tried to get the Council to accept female equality in the church;
  • With the possible exception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, he never stated that the Sacraments of the Vatican II church were invalid, rather only that they were rejected by God;
  • He consistently signed his documents with titles given him by the Vatican II church;
  • He referred to John XXIII as a saintly pope;
  • He acknowledged Paul VI as Holy Father;
  • He "ordained"/"consecrated" great numbers of men as priests and bishops without requiring them to renounce their false sects;
  • He "ordained"/"consecrated" men wholly unfit to be ministers, this included a notorious homosexual who was at the time in full communion with the Vatican II church;
  • He regularly served as an acolyte at the new mass when in France;
  • He concelebrated the new mass with a Vatican II bishop on at least several occasions;
  • He heard confessions of Vatican II sectarians with the permission of the Vatican II bishop;
  • Before his death, he exhorted some of his progeny to return to the Vatican II church;
  • He complained that certain oriental eating customs were excluded from Holy Mass;
  • He was said to have been physically and psychologically worn out;
  • His mental soundness had been publicly questioned by his contemporaries;
  • Monetary gain has been acknowledged by his friends as being a motivating factor in his conferring of Holy Orders;
  • He admitted lying to a Vatican II priest in his autobiography;
  • His own friend said that he would often speak with duplicity;
  • He only acted like a traditionalist when around other traditionalists;
  • He admitted to simulating “mass”;
  • He admitted that he withheld his sacramental intention when conferring Sacred Orders.  
    Note: On 10 different occasions, i.e., 10 FAKE ceremonies!


 Photograph of Bishop Thuc Publicly Simulating the Sacrament of Holy Orders 

on an Alumbrados Heretic/Insurance Salesman, Mr. Gomez, in Spain on Jan 1, 1976


Pictured above is one example of a self-admitted by Bishop Thuc himself, 100% FAKE episcopal consecration he "performed". (Bishop Thuc would later formally state he was withholding his sacramental intention (a sacrilege) when "consecrating" Gomez (without a papal mandate: another sacrilege), even though Bishop Thuc had written and signed an official *document declaring that he did consecrate Clemente Dominguez y Gomez on January 1, 1976.) ???

*"I Peter Martin Ngo-Dinh Thuc, titular Archbishop of Bulla Regia certify that, on the first day of January 1976, I conferred the tonsure and minor orders, as well as the major orders (namely subdiaconate, diaconate and priesthood) on the following persons:

Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, born in Seville, National Identity Number 28279369 [...]


I further certify that these Bishops and Priests pertain to the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, founded in Seville on 23rd December 1975.


The Mother House of this Order is at No. 20, Call Redes in Seville. The Founder and Father General is His Excellency Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, Bishop.

With my own hand and pen I sign this document in order to procure all effects ecclesiastical and civil.

Given with my seal,

Twelfy day of January in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy six

Signed + Peter Martin Ngi-dinh Thuc

Archbishop of Bulla Regia.


The Church’s minimum requirement for accepting the validity of a Sacrament is “moral certainty.” Moral certainty is one“which excludes all prudent fear of error, such that the opposite is reputed as altogether improbable.”

Now in weighing all of the above evidence, the question becomes:

Does the certainty of Bishop Thuc’s consecrations reach such a level as to exclude all prudent fear of error?

Is the possibility that he did not validly consecrate, altogether improbable?

It seems to me that no objective person possessing the use of right reason could conclude that Bishop Thuc’s consecrations were certain to the degree that they excluded all prudent fear of error, such that the opposite is reputed as altogether improbable.

Catholics, therefore, must reject the validity of Bishop Thuc’s consecrations. And if we must reject Bishop Thuc’s consecrations, we of course must also reject all of the ordinations and consecrations emanating from the Thuc progeny, for the Thuc "bishops" cannot supply for what was originally wanting to the Sacrament of Orders – one cannot give to others that which they do not possess themselves. So the lack of moral certitude by which Catholics must reject the validity of Bishop Thuc’s "Orders" he "conveyed"must also be applied to Bishop Thuc’s progeny.


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(Roman Catholics know the sacred priesthood only comes from *God's calling a chosen soul and then The Church of St. Peter confirming that mandate from Heaven. ... And these pathetic sedevacantists try to publicly deride Catholics [the Church in eclipse] for not attending their sacrilegious services?!?)


*"Almighty God calls to the priesthood whom He will; witness Our Lord's words to the apostles: "You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you" (John xv. 16). Source: The Catechism Explained, The Means of Grace, p. 646, by Fr. Spirago, Imp. 1899 


*Phony Trads Bury Heads in Sand in Face of Catholic Truth


"It is a blessing when such *men break away from the Church: it prevents them preying upon the doves and sheep of Christ with their savage and poisonous influence. It is impossible to join and combine the bitter with the sweet, darkness with light, rain with fair weather, war with peace; nor sterility with fertility, aridity with springs of water, or a storm with a calm." -St. Cyprian, Church Father and Doctor

Jun. 27, 2015

Marguerite C. 09.08.2018 13:38

What is the status of Bishop Pivarunas and CMRI?


The True Hierarchy of the Catholic Church, currently exiled, ruled years ago that Mr. Pivarunas does not posses valid holy orders & CMRI is unequivocally schismatic.


The ipso facto schismatic Fr (NON-bishop) Robert McKenna died last night outside of Catholic Church founded on St Peter (who has Perpetual Successors now & until the end of time). May us True Catholics continually thank God for the precious gift of Faith!

Nick C. 05.08.2015 16:15

This just shows what he really stands for. May God punish him, and may he be put away for a long time! God bless the PRC!

Papal Restoration Staff Member 08.07.2015 14:09

There is a homosexual (who also claims to be a "Thuc priest") who was incensed by this post... that he has vowed to destroy the PRC. His full name may be publicly posted soon.

Papal Restoration Staff Member 05.08.2015 15:15

This same individual (from Illinois) has now made explicit death threats which include "making a visit with a gun" to a PRC Staff member - was just reported to his local police. (Note: since last Fall he has sent the PRC more than 600 unwanted emails.)