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The Daily Rosary

I want you to say the rosary every day.

— Our Lady of Fatima


"... the rosary is a great means of 

salvation... . Aside from Lourdes and

Fatima, we have heard it recommended

by ... ecclesiastical authorities, such as 

Pope Pius IX, the great Pope of the dogma 

of the Immaculate Conception. From his 

deathbed he whispered the plea for the 

daily rosary, the daily family rosary. "Let 

the rosary be habitually recited every evening   

in every household. These are my last words 

to you, the memorial I leave behind.”

Pope Leo XIII wrote some thirteen
encyclicals on the rosary alone.

The late Pope Pius XI once said: “The
Pope prays his rosary every day. As long
as the Pope has not prayed his rosary,
his day is not finished. If the Pope does
not pray his rosary, he does not pray.
We wish to be imitated in this matter.” [...]

Fathers and mothers could seek no greater
blessing from God than at the close of their
lives to bequeath to their children their
own deep love for the rosary, especially
the family rosary.



We must say it properly.

— Jacinta


At Fatima, Our Lady chose for her
purpose three little children who knew
how to pray the rosary. She always
appeared to them with the rosary and is so
represented in the millions of images and
statues which are today distributed through-
out the world.

But even more convincing are the words
of Our Lady herself. In the first apparition,
when Lucy asked if Francisco would also go
to heaven, she replied: “He will also go
to heaven, but he must say many more
rosaries.” Later Our Lady added: “Say
the rosary every day to obtain peace for
the world and the end of the war.”

In the second apparition she said:

“I want you to say the rosary every day.”

In the third apparition: “I want you to
continue to say the rosary every day in
honor of Our Lady of the Rosary.


In the fourth apparition: “I want you
to continue to say the rosary every day.”

In the fifth apparition: “Continue to
say the rosary.”

In the sixth apparition: “I want to tell
you . . . that I am the Lady of the Rosary;
continue to say the rosary every day.”

Who could remain indifferent to this
maternal, insistent recommendation of Our
Lady to say the rosary every day? It is
the rosary that so pleases Our Lady.

The pledge of the daily rosary does not,
normally, bind under pain of sin. If you
forget or neglect it through a cause that
you could not prevent, there is no sin
committed nor any harm done. Let the
rosary, then, become a part of your daily
life. Comply with Mary's wishes and say
to her: “Dear Blessed Mother, touched by 

your tender request asking me to say the
holy rosary every day, I hereby promise
to do so. Accept my rosary as my daily
gift to you, the Queen of the Holy Rosary.”


(Source: Novena to Our Lady of Fatima, Pamphlet
By Rev. Lester M. Dooley, S.V.D., pp. 18-19, 1950)

Jan. 31, 2017