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Dear Editor:

Happy 15th Anniversary TCW. What joy to have had this port (safe harbor) to come into for truth about the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 


Deo Gratias!

Mary F.



Reply from Editor

Hi Mary:

Thanks for your encouraging words. A request was made by the true Hierarchy of the Church, to keep a printed [hard] copy of all of the site's content (which includes Due to time constraints, this has not been done.

Could you assist us in this, or ask other devout True Catholics to help in physically archiving this Church approved site's content?

TCW looks forward to seeing you and others at a larger meeting of the Faithful (this Christmas?) - when traveling is more conducive.

Our Lady of Perseverance, Ora Pro Nobis!

The Editor of TCW

Aug. 25, 2020