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Click here to view some listings of dwellings/land for sale in Brittany, FR.

(Note: TCW is not being compensated in any way by providing this list of properties.) Although Brittany, France will experience the 3 Days of Darkness [as the whole world will], multiple prophecies say Brittany will be the safest place on earth, during and after the 3 Days Chastisement. It's also prophesied that a special shrine will be erected there, after "The 3 Days", where survivors [True Catholics] will flock and Christendom will flourish!

Jun. 29, 2021


The Editor of TCW 06.06.2022 15:40

A longtime reader/supporter of TCW just bought a very nice house in Brittany, France to protect his family for the upcoming 3 Days of Darkness Chastisement. If possible, True Catholics should move there.