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16th c. Painting: "The Virgin of the Navigators", which includes Columbus in it

"His [Columbus'] devotion to our Blessed Lady marks every epoch in his life. ... It was the name of the Blessed Virgin he gave his first ship the "Santa Maria". It was at the chapel of Our Lady he received Holy Communion, with all his crew, before embarking. Every evening during the voyage, he had the hymn to the Blessed Virgin sung on the three ships. ... On his own ship, while returning to Spain, he took delight in teaching the Indians he had onboard the prayers of the Church to Mary, the Ave Maria and the Regina Caeli. The first structure he erected on the new continent he consecrated to our Holy Mother, under the name of her Nativity; this was the real seed of the first Spanish colony in the New World." 

(Extracts from: "L' ambassadeur de Dieu," by Count Roseliy de Lorgues, from the article, "Devotion of Columbus to the Blessed Virgin", published in the Church Approved journal, The Ave Maria, Vol. XI, No. 19, pp. 297-298, May 8, 1875 A.D.)

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Oct. 11, 2021