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 "At Wonsan, major mission center in Korea, U. S. Marines examine the ruins of the interior of

St. Benedict’s Monastery and school, wrecked by the North Korean Reds. The fate of 23 German and five Korean Benedictine Fathers and the 30 Brothers and 20 Sisters who staffed the mission is still unknown. In the photo, left to right, are: Pfc. Francis Grigsby, Sanderson, Texas; Sgt. Roland Cournoyer, Worcester, Mass.; and Cpl. Everett Adams, Honolulu." (Source: "The Catholic World in Pictures", Nov 13, 1950 A.D.)



 "Thirteen-year-old Kim Ki Chong stands in the shell of the Catholic Church at Hamhung, North Korea. American Marines photographed the lad who had continued to make daily visits there to pray among the ruins. The retreating Communists had systematically sacked and burned the city’s churches, and killed the priests. Deptartment of Defense Photo." (Source: "The Catholic World in Pictures", Jan 22, 1951 A.D.)


 "The body of Rev. Patrick Reilly (above), Irish St. Columban Father, shot last August by the Reds near Kangnung, Korea, has been found and identified. He is the second priest of the Society of St. Columban whose death at the hands of the Reds has been established. Seven others still are missing."

(Source: "The Catholic World in Pictures", June 18, 1951 A.D.)


Jan. 16, 2022