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(Extracted from "Time Magazine", 01/12/2022): "Flights out of some airports on the U.S. West Coast

were briefly halted (for around 15 minutes) by aviation regulators as a precaution on Monday, after North Korea launched a high-speed missile in a test. ... North Korea’s missle flew at almost 10 times the speed of sound into waters off its eastern coast, ratcheting up tensions in the region and with the U.S."

Jan. 12, 2022

THE TCW STAFF 24.03.2022 15:37

North Korea today launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (test) that traveled higher than any missile before and could reach any part of the United States.

The TCW Staff 30.01.2022 14:50

Jan 30, 2022 - North Korea conducts most powerful missile test since 2017: Weapon reaches altitude of 1,200 miles and travels 500 miles before landing in sea off Japan in country's seventh launch this month