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Image of perfidious D.C. (Neocon) Official, Victoria Nuland, a key architect in the overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014. 

 Below are extracts from an insightful interview (from March 13, 2014) with veteran investigative journalist Robert Parry, on the US backed coup of the Ukrainian Government, in 2014:

PARRY: "... obviously (President Viktor) Yanukovych is an imperfect leader, and had many flaws. But that’s probably true of all the Ukrainian politicians, and, frankly, it’s probably true of all our politicians. But he was elected in 2010. He even agreed to move up the elections so the policy dispute that was at the center of this could be tested out. He was chosen by a majority of the Ukrainian people. Now, many of them come from the South and East, which are more Russian-oriented. And Kiev is based in the western part, which is more European-oriented. But still, the idea that a minority would be able to overthrow an elected leader doesn’t strike me as particularly democratic."

"Yet it became this issue where a group, a minority group in the streets, decided to get rid of their president. And that can be cheered on by some people, I suppose, but it’s not exactly an act of democracy for a minority to overthrow a democratically elected president." 


Drone Image of the U.S. Backed "Maidan Revolution', Kiev, Ukraine, 02/20/2014


"Well, the United States has been trying to pry Ukraine away from a close relationship with Russia. Assistant Secretary of State *Victoria Nuland said in December to a group of business leaders that the United States had invested $5 billion, she said, in helping Ukraine achieve its European aspirations, that is, moving it away from Russia into the E.U. So, obviously, the United States has played a role in trying to achieve this antidemocratic transition. As much as they may call it democratic, overthrowing an elected leader is on its face not democratic."


 *Note: A leaked phone conversation of the senior U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt surfaced online, that details some of the plotting of the US coup d'etat, of the lawful 2014 Ukrainian President [Yanukovych]. The U.S. Government did not dispute the phone call's authenticity.


"... how to avoid a worse conflict or a worse crisis [between the US & Russia] is what people really should be focused on, rather than trying to make hay out of being tough and swaggering, which is what we’re seeing in official Washington. ... So a lot is in play here. And I think the neoconservatives who have been trying to stir this up, including Victoria Nuland, who is a *holdover at the State Department from the Bush years, that the neocons want to achieve this idea of creating more pressure and more confrontation. They have achieved that. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea for the world or for the United States’ policies. ... "


(Robert Parry Interview given on 03/03/2014. Note: Perry was a well-known ivestigative journalist 

who broke many of the 'Iran-Contra" stories for the Assocoated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s.)


*Perennial Swamp Creature, Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs


US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland acknowledged on March 8, 2022, that Ukraine has “biological research facilities.” [Biolabs] Speaking under oath in a Senate hearing, she said that US officials are “quite concerned” that Russian forces may seek to gain control of the labs, and were “working” with Kiev to prevent this from happening. [Note: the U.S. Department of Defense, according to public information it released, has been involved with Ukraine's biolabs for more than a decade... it seems likely in some sort of fashion, similiar to its "help" with Red China's Wuhan Lab. -TCW]


FACTOIDS: (1.) The self-proclaimed (Jewish) President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, supports 

the free distribution of medical cannabis, free abortion in Ukraine, and the legalization of prostitution.


(2.) Russian President, Vladimir Putin writes demonstrably false history and is an 

enemy of the Catholic Church (i.e., a schismatic - as a member of the "Orthodox" sect). 


(3.) Russia signed a binding international agreement in 1994 committing "to respect 

the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine"
and “to refrain from the threat or use of force” against the country.

(4.) On 02/26/2022 a list of Ukrainian Biolabs was removed by the US Embassy in

Ukraine, which previously disclosed the locations/details of these labs in a series of
PDF files online. (Note: we have that deleted website content [PDF's] archived. -TCW)





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(Prophecies from Abbe Souffrant, The Cure of Maumusson, d. 1828, on the Great Catholic Monarch)

Feb. 28, 2022

The TCW Staff 04.11.2022 21:45

"U.S. Defense Dept. Says It Will Support Ukraine for ‘as Long as It Takes’ The agency said it was setting up a new command to oversee how the U.S. trains the Ukrainian military and announced another $400 million in aid." (NY Times)

THE TCW STAFF 22.09.2022 17:12

"Former Top NATO General Warns: West Must Be Prepared for War With Russia" (Newsmax)

THE TCW STAFF 24.08.2022 16:51

"Biden Announces Nearly $3B in New Military Aid for Ukraine" (Newsmax)

THE TCW STAFF 06.07.2022 17:10

Ukraine’s Financial Investigations Service, headed by Vadim Melnik, says it has uncovered numerous cases where humanitarian and even military aid provided by the West has been appropriated and sold at a profit inside the country.

THE TCW STAFF 01.07.2022 20:08

"US announces $820M in Ukraine aid, including missile systems" (AP)

The TCW Staff 24.06.2022 00:09

"The Biden administration announced a 13th security assistance package for Ukraine worth $450 million." (MSNBC)

THE TCW STAFF 04.04.2022 07:18

The so called "Bucha Massacre" may be a staged False Flag by certain Armed Ukrainian Forces. People need to be objective. We've researched this for hours now & there's a number of highly questionable aspects of this alleged reported attack on civilians.

THE TCW STAFF 07.04.2022 14:56

According to Reuters [04/04/2022], the Pentagon said the US military does not have independent confirmation of reports of events in Bucha.

THE TCW STAFF 06.04.2022 04:57

The NY Times was in Bucha on Sat. April 2, and didn't report a massacre. The Times said the Russians left “behind them dead soldiers and burned vehicles, according to witnesses, Ukrainian officials, satellite images and military analysts.”

Vincent Larson 04.04.2022 16:41

Not simply trusting synchronized narratives is definitely a good instinct.

THE TCW STAFF 25.03.2022 23:48

Hunter Biden helped secure millions in funding for Metabiota (a US Dept. of Defense contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research), laptop emails reveal.

THE TCW STAFF 14.03.2022 18:46

On 02/26/2022 a list of Ukrainian Biolabs was removed by the US Embassy in Ukraine, which previously disclosed the locations/details of these labs in a series
of PDF files online. (Note: we have that deleted website content [PDF's] archived. -TCW)

The TCW Staff 11.03.2022 05:33

Reuters "Exclusive: WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread" (Comment from TCW: The MSM is now calling Biolabs "health labs" ...)

THE TCW STAFF 10.03.2022 05:00

Perennial swamp creature Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, acknowledged on March 8, 2022, that Ukraine has “biological research facilities.” [Biolabs] Note: The U.S. DOD has been involved with these labs since 2010.

The TCW Staff 28.02.2022 23:29

A leaked phone call between EU foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet talked about the strong suspicion that people among Ukraine’s new leadership were behind the ‘Maidan snipers’.

The Editor of TCW 28.02.2022 22:56

The industrial military complex is frothing at the mouth.