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(Click image to enlarge it, of St. Catherine of Siena in Ecstacy)

"One day when meditating on this verse, 'Create in me a new heart,' she beheld her Divine Spouse approach and touch her left side with His hand. She immediately experienced such a shock of pain and love in it as to cause her to swoon with happiness. Amazed and dumfounded, for it seemed to her that her Spouse had taken her heart from her breast, she saw Him reappear with a luminous heart in His hand. At this sight, the virgin sank trembling and fainting. The Divine Spouse approaching, these tender words reached her ear: 'My daughter, I have thy heart and I give thee Mine, that thou mayest forever live in Me.' From that day *Catharine had not only a wound in her left side, which crowds came to contemplate respectfully after her death, but in her heart so active a fire that, in comparison with it, all material fire seemed cold. Along with that fire, she felt an elevation of soul, a purity, a generosity, and such transports of love as commanded the admiration of the fourteenth century."

*Catharine is an alternative spelling of Catherine. -ED 

(Source: "Revelations Of The Sacred Heart To Blessed Margaret Mary, And The History Of 

Her Life", From the French of Monseigneur Bougaud, Bishop of Laval, pp. 137-138, 1890 A.D.)

Jun. 4, 2022