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A Sacramental: Blessed Candle (lit 07/04/2022)


"We are dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Colin here (i.e., major downpour w/ big

lightning strikes; dog going crazy...) just lit our properly blessed 100% beeswax *candle and said
Hail Marys... the storm then subsided - our pup is now literally sound asleep. Deo gratias!" -ED


*"We must put confidence in these holy candles for the prayers of the Church have ascended to God, that 'He would bless and sanctify them for the service of men and for the good of their bodies and souls in all places.' Pious Catholics light them during thunder storms, that God, in consideration of Christ, whom they represent, may deign to protect His servants. Let us light them whenever we are threatened with calamity, and if we do so in a spirit of faith, we shall experience signal proofs of God's fatherly care of us." (Source: "The Sacramentals of The Holy Catholic Church, Or Flowers from the Garden of the Liturgy", pp., 46-47, Imprimatur 1879 A.D.)

Jul. 4, 2022

Editor of TCW 30.09.2022 21:47

My family and I were watching a wind burst during Hurricane Ian today - and we all saw a gigantic pine tree fall down right in front of our house - onto the driveway. I then lit our blessed candle... we said prayers. All are safe... no property damage.