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This house is on the edge of the village. It has a large kitchen with plenty of room for a large dining table and chairs. There's a large workshop which also leads to the garage at the side of the house. 

A further outbuilding also attached to the house could be made accessible from within the house to create more living space downstairs. There's an old water well on the property. This home is priced at less than 68K USD. See more info/pictures here.

To view additional *properties in "The Land of Saint Anne[Brittany] - click this link

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Although Brittany, France will experience the 3 Days of Darkness (as the whole world will), multiple prophecies say Brittany will be the safest place on earthduring and after the 3 Days Chastisement.

It's also prophesied that a special shrine will be erected there, after "The 3 Days", where survivors [True Catholics] will flock and Christendom will flourish! To learn more about this imperative subject, click here.

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Aug. 16, 2022