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September is the Month the Church

Dedicates to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady 


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St. Gabriel 1838-1862 A.D.

St. Gabriel of The Sorrowful Mother, said he was never denied any

petition that he confided to the Mater Dolorosa (Mother of Sorrows)


Mater Dolorosa Ora Pro Nobis!



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(The Desolation of Mary, was a mysterious continuation of her sorrows, and the

Mother most sorrowful is also the Mother most Desolate)

St. Gemma Galgani: Miraculously Cured by St. Gabriel of the Sorrows

"become a saint at all costs... one lives only once" -St. Gemma Galgani

Sep. 1, 2022


THE TCW STAFF 28.09.2022 18:39

Sep. 28, 2022: Feast Day of St. Wenceslaus, Duke of Bohemia, Martyr. Learn about this holy Catholic monarch at:

The TCW Staff 05.09.2022 16:47

Sept 5, 2022: Feast Day of St. Laurence Justinian - Learn about the First Patriarch of Venice, at:

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