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(The once Catholic) Bishop Tran, when confronted with dealing with the enormous problems that he has recently, and totally unnecessarily, wrought on the small flock - still clinging on - sent a spam-type email to numerous readers/friends of TCW with calculated untruths/misrepresentations in its contents. 

A clear attempt to silence TCW's editor, who has all the juice.

Ignore it.

He has objectively *defected from the Faith, hence, holds no authority. This was clearly pointed out to him yesterday, by the Editor of TCW, and is what prompted his purposefully deceitful, worthless email. 


*"Dear Reader - Leave heretics in their wilful blindness - I mean wilful when they wish to live deceived - and pay no attention to the fallacies by which they would deceive you. Hold on by the sure and firm anchor of the Catholic Church, through which God has promised to teach us the true faith." -St. Alphonsus Liguori, Exhortation to Catholics, from his classic book: "The History of Heresies, And Their Refutation; Or, The Triumph Of The Church", Vol II, pp. 396-397, 1847, Imprimatur


Here is this email from former Catholic (PKVT). His recent book(s) are damnable. It is True Catholic Journals like TCW (which he wants snuffed out) that warn the flock against the soul-killing literature, he is championing. (Note: the Editor of TCW's commentary will be in red font). 



Dear Mr. David H...),

This letter is written after the Novena done September 5-13, 2019 for the important decision of the Church which can be made. This is a garbled sentence (I think on purpose), as a group of trusted people all wrote him individual emails, saying in essence, “We care about you. You must stop selling the evil book Catholic Manifesto". If you persist we will stop financially supporting you.” He went silent to all of us, then contacted the Editor of TCW to say he would pray a Novena and answer him (about stopping selling his book). We all basically caught on quickly for sure... he was stalling ... for what? We did not know. One person said it was sacrilegious for him to even say he needs to say a novena. This book is horrid!


That was around the first week in September 2019, when, instead of immediately stopping the selling of Catholic Manifesto (CM) he said he needed 9 more days to "decide". 

  1. In many cases and in many occasions, you have asked me to dismiss you from the church officer (STOP, this is the first time in my life I have heard "Bp." Tran utter the word "church officer"). I really don't know what it even means. "Bp." Tran says in "many cases and many occasions, you have asked me to dismiss you from the church officer." Recap, first time I have heard the word here... . I have said I am the Editor of TCW to him. And I can think of about 3 times (it would be in writing) that I have threatened him [that I would] stop doing things like overseeing meetings, keeping daily things going, coordinating email replies... as he has basically visibly done nothing in the US for about 11 years and  provides the PRC staff with nothing, no guidance etc. (Sad but true.) Ask NV. He wants money, and that seems to be one of the core themes of the evil Manifesto he wrote. So it is a falsehood that I said "many times" that I wanted to be dismissed from "the church officer". I am a mere layman with no authority. The REALITY is he wants to get rid of me (the True Catholic Journalist/Editor) as I am pointing out his satanic errors to his face. Again he lost his office per the 1917 Code of Canon Law (Canon 188. 4.) for publicly defecting from the Faith by publishing and promoting "CM". (Note the PRC will be refuting CM in parts or in whole in the near future on TCW. Don't buy it. It is the ultimate ripoff!


due to your workload of the family and the business pressure. 

He is saying I am asking not to be a church officer... I am not one. I am a Catholic, with a family, wife... kids and a good business... so business "pressure" no. If he is saying the time from all these things, wasting my whole day with this specific kind of stuff… that is unjust; (this can wear on a person). And yes, it is "pressure": I have multiple leads for my job (my phone keeps beeping for texts/emails right this moment...) people who see me at meetings know I am an active business man. 

Today, in the name of the church, I would like to thank your time, your effort to make the church building up from the grass (There were hard-working Catholics working before me to bring about papal restoration, a duty of every Catholic; one of those used to be a young priest, and past Catholic, hero of mine, Fr. Khoat).


and also to inform you officially that from today, September 23,2019, I dismiss you from any function [?] of the church in the past [??] and remove all your duty and your privelege as an officer of the church. 

Again, I have never heard this word/phrase I am not a church officer. I am a Catholic layman. I think he is trying, in a round about way, to stop me from writing Catholic Truth... promoting de fide! Pretty disturbing I must say... .


Recall, this next part is coming from a non-Catholic public heretic, who is writing like a Vatican 3'er in his evil Catholic Manifesto.


The other commie titles he was just about to publish in early September, before his Antipope Francis gnostic witch Editor from TX was struck down in a near fatal car accident...  TCW learned, are called "Catholic" Revolution, Movement, and Party. In these ones (not completed) Khoat quotes antipope John Paul II (with no qualifiers)… he has a whole section which is right out of the United Nations Charter... he promotes (is for) Religious Liberty which Pius IX calls insanity... he supports Free Thinking (which is condemned as a form of the heresy of Liberalism and Freemasonry.. and there is more... I glanced at some of the stuff. Oh, that's right, he goes into Ying & Yang, whatever that is, in Catholic Manifesto.... puts down the Holy Popes of the papal estates as bad leaders and says no pope has ever brought justice to the people in his memory. He also faults St. Paul, one of the Pillars of the Church!


Now back to this stench’s email that he broadcast (exactly 27 seconds after midnight, on a weekday, fully knowing I have a very busy company I own/run) to multiple people, without any warning at all to me.

Again he is a BIG Time Heretic who is outside the Church and has No authority:

2. In order to continue and to develop the church activities, please send to me through the internet during 24 hours today the following items including and not limited to: 

  (a) the list of all faithfull who are lift of the excommunication. 

I don't have that, that's a priest’s job. 

   (b) the list of the faithfull who are registered in the Papal Confraternity (A member of the PRC, who I brought in, with a site called, is always on top of that - and forwards it to Pope Gregory XVIII… ???)


   (c) the list of the faithfull in the Papal Restoration Campaign group (He knows the staff; you can count them on one hand).


   (d)  all documents in writing, in pictures, or confidential private informations concerning Pope Gregory XVII, Pope Gregory XVIII and myself as well. (Again, he has lost authority... he wants to shut me down and hurt all the readers.)


   (e) Financial Reports from the day beginning PRC (He has been given alms reports to the penny and knows this -- he wrote this just to take up my time? Or to infer in his email to the wind, that I have been unjust?) 

   (f) Transfer the Papal account from your signature to (woman's name deleted) (in tempoThis needs clarification, as the Paypal account is in his name. Also for the record, for some time now, all of TCW websites are (purposely) not taking any *donations, and plan to keep it that way. It was solely "Bp." Tran's idea to receive online donations for the Church. 


*Note: With the onslaught of Big Liberal Tech's concerted effort to suppress important information online and also as a result of many of our readers requesting a way to support this site, on 01/08/2021, TCW made it possible for donations to be given (to a TCW soley owned & operated Paypal account) to help further the dissemination of True Catholic News. See: "On Info Suppression: A Letter from TCW's Editor & Staff (01/08/2021)"


   (g) Remove during 24 hours all writtings, all pictures, and informations concerning Pope Gregory XVII, Gregory XVIII, and myself from your webs or your blogs known as The Pope In Red, TCW, or whatever blog or web related to you. No way! 

   (h) The mass liturgy as missal, rituale, pontificale, chalice, hosts, wine, holy oil... must be transfered to (woman's name) during 3 days from today. Again, I am a volunteer. There are some items safely stored for when visiting priests come… no one keeps hosts, whoever they belong to, they can have them back. Again, I am a business man/owner with young children ... what is this 3 days thing from out of nowhere? Let alone common decency, thankfulness that I help? 

3. This dismiss is official, public, and  effective immediately. This man is controlled by Satan or Insane. 

Done by the 23rd day of September, 2019

Rev. Khoat Van Tran (signed) (A Catholic Bishop would sign his name Most Rev. ... 

My thought is you rectify this recent tragedy, then state your claim with clear, verifiable, evidence, of who you are. You are close to death/judgement.) -Mr. David H., Editor of TCW 


C/C: the faithfull of PRC

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Sep. 23, 2019

EDITOR OF TCW 09.10.2019 09:11's web traffic is up +212% in the last 30 days. Many thanks to our readers (all over the world) for their great appreciation of True Catholic News!

Shawn 06.10.2019 01:54

I, too, am interested in how to give alms, now. Has there been any word from the hierarchy?

Papal Restoration Staff Member 06.10.2019 02:07

Hi. Thanks for your concern for the Church. TCW learned special info about the hidden hierarchy some time ago. And is reaching out to three different sources presently. It is a delicate issue for a number of reasons, which includes security.

B.F. 30.09.2019 16:19

Hi. Mr. H, I have been enjoying the great info on your website. [...] I'm interested in getting involved in the Papal restoration. Feel free to call or email. (Edited by TCW)

Herman 27.09.2019 13:55

Dear editor H, sorry you are going through this. We all owe you so much. Will be watching for further info and guidance to Pope Gregory XVIII. GB your family.

LUCY S. 27.09.2019 01:09

Dear Mr. H., Let me know in the future where I can send alms to support
the true hierarchy in exile. Pope Gregory xxviii. thank you. God bless you.

Mary 26.09.2019 10:50

Bp.Tran "Fr.Khoat",What an INGRATE you are! Returning evil for good. For shame.

Eric 26.09.2019 10:14

Please provide some links with the info on where to donate money in the future. Thank-you.

EDITOR OF TCW 26.09.2019 11:50

I built my first Catholic website in 2001 for the love of our precious Faith. And had never asked or intended to ask for donations. My first contact with Bp. Khoat was Dec, 2005. In 2006 he asked me to solicit alms of which I obeyed. (cont.)

EDITOR OF TCW 26.09.2019 11:49

Due to his public manifesting of Communism, Socialism, Indifferentism, and other heresies, on 06/29/2019, in his reprobate book "Catholic Manifesto", he ipso facto lost his office (jurisdiction) by Church law. His order to solicit alms (cont.)

Editor of TCW 26.09.2019 11:48

... prior to his public defection from the Faith, is still, of course, in place. I personally have no interest in it (soliciting alms). And as a layman, and with matters of such importance, I've reached out to a member of the hierarchy for guidance.

Eric 25.09.2019 07:48

Is it possible that Fr Tran is under duress? This was completely unexpected.

Editor of TCW 25.09.2019 23:25

NO. He was not at all. He tried to have multiple people publish it online first, and then did a "on demand" book. TCW has the names of possible/donors investors for the book project... None of us have ever heard of them.

SANDRA BAXTER 25.09.2019 04:20

Thank you Editor of TCW for all you do on this website. The gates of hell shall never prevail!