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 The Karlsbüste (Bust of Charlemagne), created around 1350 A.D., is one of the most significant examples of medieval sacral art. It unites symbols of the Holy Roman Empire and of the French Catholic Monarchs. Inside the noted reliquary is a piece of King Charlemagne's skull.


"Then who will be this Great King?


Marie-Julie has always assured me that Our Lord and Our Lady had often told her that the d'ORLEANS would never reign; right and justice being opposed to inheriting from him that one has assassinated. She never ceased from telling me that he would be a descendant of the King and Queen Martyrs, therefore of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Heaven has always spoken to her of the HIDDEN KING, because GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO KNOW WHO HE IS SO THAT THE FREEMASONS, THE REPUBLICANS OR CERTAIN PRETENDANTS CANNOT ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE HIM. Let us leave to God the care of indicating His Chosen One to us." 


("Marie Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist", p. 52, by *Marquis de la Franquerie)


*Marquis de la Franquerie was a French Royalist. In 1926 he was appointed editor-in-Chief of the Church Approved magazine, the International Review of Secret Societies. He was made a chamberlain by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, and was a noted expert at exposing Freemasonry. Hence, he was both greatly respected, and also feared, by certain prelates in his time. It was this background/clout that enabled him to gain access to the hostage pope, "Siri" in Genoa, Italy, on May 18th, 1985. (Read about that historic meeting by Clicking Here.)


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"It will be a great devastation. I, your God, will have purified
everything. The survivors [of these trials, which seemingly will
include the 3 Days of Darkness -ED] must give thanks to the Blessed
Trinity for their protection. Magnificent shall My Kingdom of peace
be, and My name shall be invoked and praised from sunrise to sunset."

(Our Blessed Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny c. 1933 A.D.) 


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Nov. 28, 2021

The TCW Staff 12.04.2022 01:59

''She [Marie-Julie Jahenny] never ceased from telling me that he [the forthcoming Great Catholic King] would be a descendant of the King and Queen Martyrs, therefore of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette." -Marquis de la Franquerie

John Nicolas 28.11.2021 23:38

This is a beautiful buste and it can be seen in the Aachener Dom in Germany Aachen was always the city of the German Emperors