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Picture of Urakami Cathedral Before the A-Bomb was Dropped 

The Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki, Japan was completed in 1914 after

the True Catholics there had worked on it for thirty years, brick by brick.  


The Freemason FDR, supported by his war-profiteering friends on Wall Street, did everything in his power to get the US into war with Japan. Indifferent to the fact that in Sept of 1941, US polls showed that 80% of Americans wanted US neutrality in WWII, he provoked and permitted the *incident at Pearl Harbor. FDR then proceeded to declare war on Japan on December 8, 1941. 


*In August of 1941 at FDR's Atlantic summit conference, Churchill later reported to his war cabinet that Rososevelt had assured him that "everything was to be done to force an 'incident' to justify hostilities."

(Nagasaki's Roman Catholics: Descendants of the Heroic 16th-17th c. Japanese Martyrs)


St. Paul Miki and his 25 Companions (20 were Japanese) Feast is Feb 6th 

On Feb 5, 1597, 26 Catholics were executed by crucifixion in Nagasaki.  These individuals were raised on crosses and then pierced through with spears. Pius IX canonized the Martyrs of Nagasaki in 1862.

By 1945 the Nagasaki community of Roman Catholics, the descendants of those who survived the ferocious 16th-17th Century persecutions, formed the largest Catholic colony in Japan. They inhabited the Urakami valley, which is the district of Nagasaki over which the atomic bomb exploded.


August 9, 1945, 11:02 A.M. Nagasaki, Japan

 "Bockscar", the US B-29 bomber carrying a plutonium-core atomic bomb

dropped its deadly cargo over Nagasaki: There was a a blinding, searing light,

and the sky became  blacker than night as a layer of dust eclipsed the sun...


The devastating bomb killed nearly 9,600 of the 12,000 Catholics who lived near the hypocenter of the blast, which left 70,000 people dead altogether. Their beloved Urakami Cathedral (the largest Catholic church in the Orient) was utterly destroyed. Two priests hearing confessions at the time, along with dozens of penitents, were killed when the church collapsed on top of them.


 Picture of Urakami Cathedral After the A-Bomb was Dropped 

The atomic bomb detonated less than two blocks from the Catholic Cathedral.


This, the heart of Catholicism in Japan, (visited by St. Francis Xavier in 1559) was targeted for the 2nd atomic bomb of 1945. One of the original martyrs executed at Nagasaki in 1597 was a Franciscan friar, canonized in 1862 as St. Philip of Jesus. As he was about to die on his cross, he is reported to have foretold that one day Nagasaki would be destroyed by "a ball of fire dropping from the sky."


It is quite sobering today, as True Catholics [those in union with Gregory XVIII] know that an exponentially greater cataclysm then what struck our fellow Catholics in Japan in 1945, will soon engulf the entire world [The Three Days of Darkness]. Do we truly have our souls in order?  


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Nov. 5, 2014


Mary 30.09.2015 22:54

You know your on the right track when that happens.


The Editor of TCW just received a death-threat today for his reporting of True Catholic news.


Odd ... that GG's super-close friend from Canada, Cyril Leeper, paints and sells portraits of pestilent Modernist New Order "clergy" ...?!?

Papal Restoration Staff Member 12.03.2015 01:08

G.G. at St. Jude's Shrine knows "his" priests there are under censure (100% Documented). However he has managed to keep his paying clients placated by his scripted sophisms & their laziness to pick up a Catechism.

W. MACKENZIE 14.11.2014 00:54

So Fr's Campbell & Dignan at St. Jude's were somehow involved in a seminary project, which takes a Catholic Bishop with jurisdiction, however they don't make the Sacrament of Confirmation available to their parishioners?


Yes, correct. Due to human job security concerns, these two walked on egg shells & kept "gg" 100% in the dark about the seminary project, in FEAR their lay-boss ["gg"] would "axe them" if he caught wind they were working with a Catholic Bishop. (cont.)


Pius XI condemned "laicism" as Freemasonic- "gg" has a long-history of "firing priests" [he has had 30+ at "his shrine .."] who don't follow his orders, and then trying to mortally sinfully blacken their name(s) through dark calumny. (cont.)


Saint Jude's shrine, is not licit in the eyes of the Church. They are working outside all the laws, both Divine and Ecclesiastical. They are fooling people into believing they are valid in the eyes of God to function, which they are not. (cont.)


If Catholics ever approach the sacraments without knowing for certain that the ministers have been given canonical approval [see can. 109, 1917 Code], they put themselves outside the Church.

CATHOLICINEXILE 10.11.2014 01:13

Correct me if I misunderstood but is or was "gg" and the priests at st Judes Shrine not in opposition to TCW. Was there hope of a reconciliation on their part.


Sure, in brief although they did not know each other too long (about 3 months) there was much correspondence with Mr. Hobson and GG. GG was the best man at Mr. Hobson's wedding in Oct 2004 at the Shrine in TX. (cont.)


They were working on some projects, translations etc. With total concern for GG's soul Hobson urged GG to privately confront his benefactor Mel Gibson about some publicly scandalous things he was doing and GG refused to (cont)

Papal Restoration Staff Member 10.11.2014 02:02

Hobson, would not let this go. And as GG could not attack the
message he tried to calumniate the messenger (whom he had called friend before this) which is his M.O. & which he has done to many others. Pray for him.

Ryan 06.11.2014 16:20

Is Saint Jude's Shrine in Texas also under HH Gregory XVIII?


The two priests at St. Jude's were in communication with a true Bishop [pertaining to a seminary project some time ago] yet currently are not. One cannot fulfill their Mass obligation there. Avoid yet, pray for them.

Ryan 05.11.2014 19:21

If only the people who claim to be Catholics today would have as much Faith as the Japanese must have had in order to build this magnificent Cathedral

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