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Dear Editor of TCW:

I have a question for you. I want to thank you for standing up for the truth. This is so hard to fathom, what happened to Fr. Van Tran. It's very painful for me. I'm having a hard time with it. But I continue to have hope.

My question is, that, because you speak the truth, and that is where I want to be, what am I to do now? Where do we go from here? I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Please let me know, for I'm so confused.

May the Holy Family Protect You & Yours!



Reply from Editor


"The faithful sheep will gather together, and in Unions  of Prayer will offer potent resistance

 to the enemies of the Catholic Church. Yes, yes, the flock will become small. Many of you will

see those sad times and days which will bring such evil in their train... . Great confusion will  reign

amid princes and nations. The incredulity of the present day is preparing those horrid evils."

(End Times Prophecy of Bp. George Wittman [d. 1833] for the True Flock)

Hi Katy,

This is painful for all of us, for sure. Yet, the prophecies say that this time, is to be the worst persecution in history, for the True Church/flock.

Tran's witness/information about the True Pope Gregory XVII, etc., is accurate - as is Archbishop Pintonello's, and others. 

Regarding the now reprobate, Tran, God never takes away a man's free-will... Tran lost his Faith. The sacraments he administered and/or authorized up to June 29th, 2019 (the date when he published his heretical book) are all 100% valid. He lost any/all authority with the publishing [manifesting of heresy] of his damning book "Catholic Manifesto". He left the Church. We didn't go anywhere (or do anything wrong).

So, we are still going, praying... there will be a Great Restoration/Triumph!

Katy, TCW will be inviting individuals to a meeting to discuss the current situation of the hierarchy (all levels Cardinals/Pope) in exile. Of course, you are most welcome to attend. 

Our Lady of Perseverance, Pray for Us! 

The Editor of TCW


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Oct. 27, 2019

EDITOR OF TCW 27.03.2020 09:13

On 10/27/2019 it was announced that: "TCW will be inviting individuals to a meeting to discuss the current situation of the hierarchy (all levels Cardinals/Pope) in exile." The hoped for time was Easter 2020. Due to the pandemic this meeting is postponed.

Tet 28.10.2019 03:22

I am interested to know the current situation of the true hierarchy in exile too. May I please be informed too of when and where the meeting will be. GBU!

Papal Restoration Staff Member 28.10.2019 03:45

Hi, Thank you for your concern for the True Faith/Papacy. Please contact the PRC (Papal Restoration Campaign) at info@papalrestoration. This meeting is open to vetted True Catholics/men of good will.