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"Birds of a Feather Flock Together" 

A newly unearthed photo (on left, click to enlarge) reveals pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein [Jewish] and his 'madam'/pimp Ghislaine Maxwell [whose infamous father was raised in a Jewish family], at a PRIVATE meeting with Marrano Jew, *Karol Wojtyla (A.K.A. Antipope John Paul II) in the usurped Vatican - after flying into Rome on his 'Lolita Express' private jet, in 2003.

*Karol Wojtyla's (a.k.a John Paul II) mother, who died in early years, was born as Kaczorowska. This name is not Polish but Polonised and is composed of the typical Jewish name "Katz" (Polonised as "Kacz") and the village she came from named "Orowsk". As the son of a Jewish mother, Karol Wojtyla is, according to Jewish law, a genuine Jew. "Katz", alias John Paul II, begged Jewry for forgiveness, although their organizations (World Jewish Congress and Zionism) "initiated World War II", with 55 million dead.

Karol Wojtyla (A.K.A. Antipope John Paul II) Pictured Intimately/"Face to Face" with a Woman

Wojtyla's heretical doctrine, "Theology of the Body", has been aptly termed: Repackaged Kabbalah

Anne Catherine Emmerick Prophecy on the TRUE & False Pope(s)

"I saw also the relationship between the two popes. . . I saw how baleful 

would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size;

heretics of every kind came into the city of Rome. ... I saw a great darkness... ." 

The True Pope Gregory XVII "Siri" (c. 1980's), although always under surveillance 

by his masonic captors, is shown openly confronting the False pope, Karol Wojtyla

"The language of a good shepherd is the opposite of that which some theologians of the moment say it is. I do not believe in their schismatic proposals. Those who use their ecclesiastical functions to subvert the Church count for something, in reality, only before the eyes of the world, because the Church, which they are intent upon destroying in the name of « Church of the Future Humanity », still exists. Then, there are so many signs, above all in Europe, that indicate that the demolishers of the Church, have had their day.” 

   -His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII

(Extracted from "Cardinal" Siri's [Gregory XVII] book on reflections entitled, Renovatio, Vol. VI, 1970)

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Nov. 21, 2021

THE TCW STAFF 30.12.2021 00:47

Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty on 5 felony counts, which Includes grooming and trafficking teenage girls for abuse by deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.